As she tossed and turned, her leg kicked someone lying at a corner of her bed. With so much sleep in her eyes, she touched the person and it felt like a baby, Oh, mousse, she thought. She wondered how her little niece, Mousse as she fondly called her, came into the room without making a sound and […]

Hulu and the Slave master

As the only daughter of the most powerful man in the county, Hulu had the whole world at her fingertips including an undeniable beauty that turned heads at every ball. Her radiant black skin was always adorned with the purest oil and the most expensive crystals. Though she had ambitions and was not afraid to […]


It was late in the night, she was in her childhood home and her favorite aunt was present, together with her parents. She knew what this night would bring her, lots of tales of the old. Oh! how she enjoyed those tales, told by her favorite aunt Ann, those tales made aunt Ann her favorite. […]

Hulu and the Witch Hunters

It was her graduation day, Hulu was so excited to be finally done with the rigorous life of the college. She just couldn’t wait to get out of the graduation gown and just party all night, then wake up next to the love of her life every day. As a kid, she often sits under […]

Hello world!

My name is Hulu, and I am a fictional female character, created solely for entertainment. I am created to share my adventures with the world, ranging from love, adventure, work, and even family. And before I forget I will be sharing horror stories too, I mean what’s an adventure without some ghosts and witches. Please […]