Hulu and the Slave master

As the only daughter of the most powerful man in the county, Hulu had the whole world at her fingertips including an undeniable beauty that turned heads at every ball. Her radiant black skin was always adorned with the purest oil and the most expensive crystals. Though she had ambitions and was not afraid to share her opinions, one thing grieved her heart – She was a woman in man’s world…

I wonder what those men discuss at the city council. If you ask me, it’s stories of the last whore they fucked! Mother, don’t you think women will make better leaders? Hulu said.

We could… Her mother responded absentmindedly as she massaged her essential oils into her delicate knuckles.

Why don’t you have a leadership position? You are married to the most powerful man for fuck’s sake! There has to be more to these pieces of jewelry and dresses, I can’t be married to a man like father and not squeeze myself into a leadership position, I mean what’s wealth without power? Hulu kept ranting.

Careful child, a woman should always know her place! Pray that your father recovers fast or his seat will be empty, and who knows what those men will do to us. Now come, let me work my magic on your hair. Her mother said.

Oh mother please, Hulu said dismissively as walked towards the mirror. She paused and looked at her reflection, observing her beautiful body and her eyes, she was famous for her sultry gaze. Referring to her body, she said I can never let this beautiful work of art to be confined in a man’s bed, never!

Here is your drink ma’am, she was interrupted by an unnamed slave offering her a glass of wine. And as the slave walked towards Hulu’s mother with her own glass, she staggered and fell, spilling the wine. Hulu’s mother scolded and slapped her, but Hulu noticed that she was shaking and told her mother that the slave girl looked sick.

Give her some water to drink, we can’t risk this right now. She is the reason behind your father’s swift recovery. Her mother said. The slave was brought from the nearby village during her father’s last raid, she is known to be a gifted massage therapist. She has never left Hulu’s father’s side since his recent unexplained fatigue caused by a strange illness. The doctors didn’t find anything wrong but there were whispers that the gods struck him because of his evil ways.

Mother, if she dies then she won’t be able to help father. Let’s take her to the hospital, the doctor can give her some kind of injection and she might be fine before the end of today. Hulu said as she tried to help the slave girl up to her feet.

What if it takes days before she recovers? Who will help your father? Her mother asked reluctantly. Are you serious right now? would you rather have a dead girl massaging father or her blood on our hands? You wanted to be a housewife, mother, now is the time, Hulu replied in disgust. Seeing that the girl couldn’t walk anymore, Hulu carried her and started racing to the medical unit within their big castle. The slave girl grabbed Hulu’s sleeves and in a flash, Hulu saw a vision, she saw what happened to the girl, how her father rape the girl over and over again, she saw that the girl was with child and she got rid of it. Hulu was confused, she was not the type to see visions, it felt like deja vu. As she placed the girl on a stretcher in the medical unit with nurses all over her, Hulu reached for the girl’s skirt and she saw blood, lots of it. Suddenly, she felt so much pain in her heart and so much anger against her father. She watched the girl battle with her life in so much pain, Hulu walked towards her and whispered in her ears, Tell me who did this and I will kill him, no matter who he is. The girl looked at her in horror but Hulu knew what happened, the girl made her see everything when she grabbed her sleeve.

Ma’am, please wait outside the theater, let us do our job. The doctor told her. So she left and retired to her chambers. That night, Hulu cried her heart out, something had changed in her. The slave girl gave her her pain when she touched her sleeve and with that pain all Hulu wanted was to avenge the poor girl, even if it meant killing her father.

Hulu, I fear that your strong hands will kill me faster than this illness, her father said as Hulu was massaging him.

I’m sorry father, but you have to manage this strong hands till your favorite slave recovers and returns with her soft hands and pussy, Hulu said in disgust.

Quit stressing me and go find yourself a young man to torment with your sharp tongue, you will make a fine wife if you learned to talk, her father continued

Well, I don’t think my place is in the bedroom. I’m not mother, remember? Besides is this not her job? Hulu replied as she removed the piece of cloth from his body to reveal the dark patches growing on his skin. As Hulu started cleaning him up with a white towel, there was a quick flash and she had a vision, just like the day she carried the slave girl. She saw generations of naked women in chains and she saw the slave-girl in their midst. The slave girl walked towards her and touched the strands of Hulu’s hair, You are one of us, she told Hulu, He is not your father. Only you can set us free… She said.

Wait, what? Is this a joke?. Hulu eyes widened in surprise as she asked.

Man of the hour! Uncle Max’s voice startled her back to reality as he walked into her father’s room. He was her father’s best friend and right-hand man.

Oh Max, place come and deliver me from my daughter’s strong hands. Hulu’s father said.

My hands are strong because I’m not one of the girls you fuck. Good evening, Uncle Max, how are the girls?. Hulu said as she hugged him.

They are lovely, my dear. Don’t mind your father, he hates to admit that you got this cockiness from him. Uncle Max said smiling.

Well let me leave you two, I’ll come back for father later. She walked out as their voice faded behind her. The only thing on her mind was the vision she had as she walked into her mother’s chambers.

Who is my father? Don’t you dare lie to me mother or I swear to the gods, I will kill myself after I have killed you and father. Hulu said to her mother in a fiery rage.

I am sorry, Hulu, we couldn’t… it’s just… you know… she stammered, finding the right words. Your father came back home with a beautiful baby 25 years ago after his usual raid and we decided to keep you. I couldn’t have a child for 5 years, you were an answer to our prayers. He found you in a burning house that belonged to a slave, the gods led him to you. She said.

And my little brother? Hulu asked

The gods finally blessed us and we gave birth to your brother. Please Hulu, don’t tell your father till he recovers, she said as she grabbed Hulu’s hands.

Hulu broke free from her grasp and walked away, she wanted to cry but she was relieved instead because this news made it easier to carry out her vengeance for the slave girl. She heard her mother cry behind her but she didn’t care anymore, she heard her mother say, how much she loved her and how she was still their little girl but her voice faded behind her.

Everything made sense now, the instant soul connection she felt with girl, they were from the same bloodline. That very day, as she was cleaning her father, getting ready to massage him, she was deep in thoughts. She thought of how many women her father had hurt, and the sadness her mother hid with makeup and jewelry. She poured the massage oil on his back, her hands stroking him and when she was done she told him to lay on his back to clean his stomach area. Her father laid on his back and with the oil in her palms, she stroked his nipples. But he is still my father, she thought. She knew it was already too late to go back, she had to do this for those women, for her mother… Her hands went down to stroke his cock, she thought of how many women cried as her father penetrated them, and the pleasure in his face as they cried in pain, she wanted to have a taste of his monster cock, after all, he was not her father. She thought of making his death pleasurable, so she stroke him over and over.

Your hands are better now, her father said.

Well, I have been practicing. I think I will make huge profits off massaging rich men, Hulu replied.

Her father being the monster that he is, didn’t remember that he was supposed to be Hulu’s father. Don’t stop please, I want to feel you, he said.

Sign this, Hulu said as she presented a paper to him, the contents if signed will give Hulu his table at the council, and the power to decree the laws that govern the county. Intoxicated by the moment, he signed it in a heartbeat. But Hulu never let anything go past her, just like her father. So she took off her dress, and rode on top him, with her deep, warm, and wet vagina. Her father moaned like he was going to burst open, it looked like this was the best sex of his life. Every stroke was creamy and just as he reached his climax, Hulu snapped his neck to death.

In those few minutes of pleasure, he sold his soul but not to the devil this time, but to the little baby, he brought home 25 years ago. Hulu took everything, his legacy, his wealth. He deserved it, she thought. Her father had kept women and men on their knees for so long, that’s how his legacy was built, on the back of slaves and now with her new position, she was going to keep men like him on their knees forever. And cursed be any man that crosses her path. And in a flash, she saw those women in chains, but this time, their chains were broken, they all approached her with big smiles on their faces and embraced her.


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  1. What a story. She f**ked her father to death. But I am happy she avenged the rape of the slave girls. Nice piece Mma Love.

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