As she tossed and turned, her leg kicked someone lying at a corner of her bed. With so much sleep in her eyes, she touched the person and it felt like a baby, Oh, mousse, she thought. She wondered how her little niece, Mousse as she fondly called her, came into the room without making a sound and even climbed her bed without waking her, Hulu was such a light sleeper that even a drop of pin would wake her, besides the last time she checked Mousse was sleeping in her mother’s room. Without giving it much thought, Hulu carried Mousse quietly, being careful not to wake her as she laid in a better comfortable position. Something seemed off, Mousse didn’t feel like Mousse, she was quite bigger and taller but she brushed off the thought because she felt that her sleepy eyes were playing tricks on her and went back to sleep.

A few minutes later, after so many failed attempts to get the thought off her mind, she turned the ‘baby’ and realized that it wasn’t Mousse, after all. Alarmed and a million thoughts running through her mind, she decided to tiptoe and check on the real Mousse in her mother’s room first before waking the strange baby. Hulu! why are you tiptoeing? Her mother’s voice stopped her in her tracks. Ssshh, there is a strange baby in my room that looks just like Mousse, I want to quietly check if Mousse is okay. Hulu replied. Her mother was confused, she left Mousse in her room and Hulu wasn’t making any sense. But she nodded in agreement, to see what Hulu was up to, so both of them tiptoed to the room and was relieved to find Mousse still asleep in her mother’s room.

What do we do now? Who is that baby and how did “it” get into my room? Hulu asked. Let me see “it”. her mum replied. So they went into Hulu’s room, but they were shocked to find a light-skinned, good-looking young man on her bed and no sight of the baby. Hulu? Her mother turned to her suspiciously. Mum, I swear, it was a baby… I left a baby here. Her mother sighed and walked away, shaking her head in disappointment. She knew what her mother was thinking, that she brought one of her boyfriends to the house. Mum! Hulu continued behind her, look at him, he’s not even in my age bracket, he’s way younger than me… Maybe he’s one of Matt’s friends, let me call him. Matt was their teenage help who was orphaned at birth. Hulu found him sleeping in the living room, she tried to wake him up but he was a heavy sleeper. Matt! Hulu called and dragged him up. Did you bring any of your friends into this house?No Matt answered sleepily. Come and see if you know the boy in my room. Hulu said, dragging him behind her.

As they got to the room, the young man was no longer there. Alarmed and scared, they went to her Mother’s room, He left the room!! She screamed at her mother. The trio started a search hunt in all the rooms and found the young man in one of the rooms, on the bed, sleeping. Why are going from room to room? Who are you and how did you get into our house? Where is the baby that was in my room? Hulu screamed at the young man, hitting and waking him up. Hulu, stop, he doesn’t look well. Her mother said as she felt his pulse, Get him something to eat, we’ll ask the questions later She said. In the midst of the noise, the stranger never spoke a word. Hulu noticed that the stranger’s shirt was wet, she opened his chest and saw a pool of orange water coming out of his entire chest area and neck, it created bubbles around his body, it looked as if the water was boiling on his skin but it was cold, not hot. Wtf! Matt, clean him up, give him food if he’s hungry, he is leaving now! Hulu instructed and left the room.

Mum, we need to talk. Hulu said to her mum as they both walked into her room.

Matt is cleaning him up and he is leaving immediately. Hulu said, pacing back and forth. So soon? We need to make sure he strong and healthy before letting him go. Her mother replied.

I can’t believe this, Mum. Are you even considering our safety? How did he even get past our locked gate, and our locked doors into my room? Matt says he doesn’t know even know him. And the baby? What happened to the baby I saw in my room? Hulu said.

Are you sure you saw a baby? You were sleeping so maybe you were dreaming, Hulu, and it was this young man all along. Her mum said.

Mother, I swear it was a baby, I carried “it” to lay “it” in a more comfortable sleeping position, I even touched “it’s” pampers. Hulu said trying to convince her mother.

So what do you think happened? her mother said.

What if he has magic? What if he is the baby and he transformed like in the movies? Hulu said.

I’m done!!! Matt called out to them. So they rushed out to question the stranger.

Move! They were halted by the stranger’s voice, he held the dying Matt by his neck after he had drunk his blood. Help me… Matt stuttered weakly, stretching his hands towards a horrified Hulu and her mother until he fell to the floor to his death as the stranger sunk his teeth into his neck drinking the last drop of his blood.

I’m going to enjoy this. The stranger said giggling, and showing off his sharp teeth, as sharp as a sickle.

Please let my children go. Just take me instead. Hulu’s mother said as she stood in front of her, in a bid to protect her. But the stranger grabbed both women by their hair, pushed them against the wall, and as he turned to shut the door, Hulu grabbed a bowl of hot water being used by Matt to clean up the stranger earlier and poured on his face destabilizing him for a few minutes.

Run! Hulu screamed to her Mother, Let me get Mousse. They both made their way to the living room in an attempt to leave the house but Hulu’s mother walked into a trap of nails piercing into her feet, she screamed in pain, as Hulu tried to help her out, the stranger walked in on them with his murderous tools which he kept on the table.

Oh cute little thing. The stranger said, taking Mousse off Hulu’s hands.

No, please… Not the baby Hulu said in tears.

No, I’m saving her for the last, they make the best meals. The stranger said and turned towards the couch to lay Mousse. Hulu quickly grabbed a pair of scissors that was among his tools and hid it in her back pocket, as she wanted to take an ax too, the stranger turned, you are indeed a pain in the ass, aren’t you? the stranger said in anger, he grabbed Hulu and cuffed her. I’m going to make you watch while I eat your family for dinner. The stranger cuffed Hulu by a chair just beside the table where he kept his weapons.

Her mother still nailed to the ground broke into tears, pleading for the life of her children to no avail. The stranger proceeded to cuff her mother before removing the masonry nails from her feet to prevent her from escaping and like a dog, he licked her blood that was all over the floor. Then with his own long fingernails, he poked her mother’s feet, causing her to bleed more and scream in pain while he licks off the blood like an animal. While he was feeding, Hulu broke her thumb to break free from the cuff, though it was painful, she bit her lips to keep her from screaming.

Why are you doing this? Hulu asked him.

Oh don’t take it, personal dear, I’m just hungry. The stranger replied and giggled. I’m just happy that young lad brought me here last night. He giggled more.

What? Matt? Hulu asked, That son of a bitch!!! She mumbled under her breath, she warned Matt severally never to use the ouija board in the library. He wanted to talk to his dead parents but Hulu won’t let him. He must have finally used it last night to bring back a blood-sucking vampire and now he’s dead.

And the baby in my room? Hulu asked tears running down her cheeks as she watched her mother in pain and thought Matt’s corpse.

Well that was me, the baby was just my other form. he said as he kept poking Hulu’s mother for more blood. At this point, she was so weak that she could not scream anymore. Hulu knew that she had to act fast especially seeing how attentive the stranger was to his meal.

In a split second, she grabbed the ax on the table and rushed to the stranger, hitting him severally on his back. The more the stranger tried to turn, the more she hit him, over and over again until he couldn’t move anymore.

You know, for a vampire, you are really really dumb, and that made it really easy to kill you. When you get back to the world of the dead, remember that it is I, Hulu that made sure you never made it back to this world, ever again. Hulu said as she took one last swing with the axe, cutting the stranger’s back into two until he died.

Hulu… Her Mum called her faintly.

It’s okay Mum, we are safe now. She carried her weak mother into the car and came back for Mousse, she didn’t know why Mousse slept that long but she was glad she wasn’t awake to witness the horror. She took the baby to the car and called the cops as she drove to the hospital in silence.

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