It was late in the night, she was in her childhood home and her favorite aunt was present, together with her parents. She knew what this night would bring her, lots of tales of the old. Oh! how she enjoyed those tales, told by her favorite aunt Ann, those tales made aunt Ann her favorite.

As a child, Hulu was stubborn, yet very private, only aunt Ann could see through her and make her cheer up all day, not even her mum gets her that way even though she loved her Mum more than anything in the world. Yet Aunt Ann just had that magic touch on her.

Good evening Aunt Ann!” she exclaimed, wrapping her rather long arms around aunt Ann’s robust body in a hug.

Good evening my dear child” Aunt Ann replied with those cheery eyes that could convince Hulu to wash all the dishes at home.

Who is this?” Hulu asked, seeing aunt Ann with a really skinny girl, she didn’t think they were expecting any visitor. Her Mum would have told her first or did aunt Ann bring the visitor without any notice? She dared not, Hulu’s dad wasn’t a very hospitable man and he certainly does not like surprise visitors.

She is a young friend of mine, she is really sick and had no one to take care of her”. Aunt Ann explained.

Hulu, show her to your room and give her some tea,” her mum said. Hulu answered in the affirmative. She took the girl to her room and brought her a cup of tea but she noticed something strange, the girl seems to be skinnier than she was when she came in a few minutes ago. It was strange, is she getting skinny by the second? or maybe her eyes were playing tricks with her, but she was sure that the skinny girl looked skinnier than she was, few minutes ago. Aunt Ann was by the skinny girl’s side, serving her the tea.

She wanted to stay with Aunt Ann and hear all about those favorite tales of hers, she also wanted to tell her everything that had happened from the last time she visited. Then she remembered that her mum was making dinner, she decided to go help her mum first then return to aunt Ann and her legendary tales.

As she made her way towards the kitchen she saw her mum in the living room, so she sat beside her. She noticed that her dad had been awfully quiet throughout the night, but she didn’t mind, she preferred him quiet than boss her around.

“What are you cooking?” Hulu asked her mum.

“Porridge,” she answered.

Oh, Jesus, I don’t want to eat that”, Hulu blurted out.

Don’t say that word“, mum said

What word? Jesus? eat? that?” Hulu asked, confused as she saw her mum so uneasy.

Jeeessuuss?” Hulu said slowly trying to figure out why her mum was so uneasy. She noticed that her mum broke into sweat and her face became red.

Hulu was surprised that her Mum would react that way, for they were strong believers of Jesus Christ, her dad was a reverend in church and her mum was a female leader.

Mum, what’s wrong with saying, Jesus?

Suddenly her Mum’s appearance changed as she said the name again, she changed to a very old woman with white hair and long sharp nails that looked like claws. She realized that the woman beside her is not her mum but a shape-shifter. She had to think fast. Oh! that explains her father’s sudden quietness, she had to find out if he was also her dad but she didn’t want the old woman to know that she can see her true form yet until she discovers whose side her dad was on.

Dad, do you believe that Jesus is the son of God?” she chose that question because she read in the Good Book that anyone who doesn’t believe that Jesus is the son of God is not of God. Of course, her real dad believed in Jesus, he was a reverend!

Ermm, what are you talking about?” He replied.

Hulu noticed that he was avoiding the name and slowly his true form was revealed. His whole body turned red and he was covered by spikes, and his eyes, were like holes of darkness, one can get lost by staring at it.

This is not my father!” she screamed in her mind, though she was trembling, she tried to act normal because she was obviously outnumbered.

The old woman suspected that Hulu’s eyes had been opened and she could see them, she offered to go and finish up dinner. However, So many thoughts were flooding Hulu’s mind, thoughts of how she can escape? How can she defeat these people? What do they want from her? Where are her real parents? Do they want to kill her? Then a thought struck her… Her aunt Ann! She will help her fight, after all, she is a strong believer. Then she stopped in her tracks, is Aunt Ann really Aunt Ann?.

Then she remembered that the Good Book said that name of Jesus and His blood is strong and can ward off demons, now is her time to find out, it was either that or risk being killed. She wasn’t going down without giving it a fight. She decided to start with the old lady who is now preparing porridge in the kitchen, as she walked slowly towards the door, her heart thumping against her chest, she took a peek, her hands shaking and her whole body broke into sweats. She saw the woman flying on a broom! She quickly remembered Harry potter movies, only witches could fly on brooms! She is definitely not a good witch because she obviously killed her mum to take her form, shape-shifters always kill their victims to wear their body. Blinded by anger and rage that her mum could have been killed by the old woman, Hulu raced out, confronting the woman.

Where is my mother!” Hulu screamed at the old woman.

Hahaha“, the woman let out a scary laugh, just like the popular villains in movies.

I am going to kill you” the woman continued, she took coals of fire and threw on Hulu, burning her body.

Hulu ran back into the house, past the red man in the living room, he had not moved an inch, and she ran into her bedroom where aunt Ann and the skinny sick girl was.

She was shocked to see the skinny sick girl up on her feet, and this time she was fat, looking radiant and beautiful, sipping wine with Aunt Ann, who is no longer Aunt Ann. At that moment, Hulu realized that was surrounded by demons, she became numb and powerless. Though she grew up in a religious home, she was far from being religious, she was a hot part girl. She wasn’t sure she would survive even if she screamed the name and the blood of Jesus a million times, at that point she lost her faith. And her parents, oh! her beloved parents, where could they be? Are they dead? Did these old demons kill them?

Ohh I love the taste of fresh blood“, the skinny-fat girl said at the sight of Hulu’s blood, fake aunt Ann had already pricked Hulu’s hands with her long sharp nails causing Hulu to bleed.

“What do you all want from me, all four of you against me? What do you want?” Hulu said crying.

When we are done with you, you won’t even exist anymore”, fake aunty Ann replied.

Her eyes were filled with fire, one look into it caused Hulu to freeze in fear, this was the direct opposite of real Aunt Ann’s cheery eyes.

And just then Hulu found the courage to fight, even though she was physically weak as she was losing blood from fake aunt Ann’s prick. She remembered her Mum’s bedtime bible teachings, that her life belonged to the almighty God and no one can take it except Him and that He had given her authority over evil powers, therefore she was not going to let anybody else touch her except the Almighty.

With those thoughts in her mind, she began to regain her strength and she began to fight, with the words from the Good Book that her beloved mother taught her. As expected fake aunt Ann and skinny-fat girl resisted, they taunted her with words. They told her that she was weak, alone and outnumbered. But Hulu kept fighting and when they saw that Hulu is determined to kill them instead, they let out balls of fire from their palms and attempted to burn Her, but they missed.

Hulu let out a scream, just the way superheroes scream when they want to defeat the villain. She screamed, charging towards them and suddenly a sword appeared on her hands, she didn’t know how the sword came to be. It had to be from the Almighty, she thought. To her, it was a sign that He was by her side, she suddenly felt victorious as she ran towards fake aunt Ann and skinny-fat girl and with one swing, she cut off their heads with the supernatural sword…

Hulu! Hulu! Are you okay?” Her mum asked.

Hulu opened her eyes slowly and saw her mum beside her bed. “Mum!, you are alive” She exclaimed, hugging her so tight.

“Of course I am, her mum replied. Another bad dream? Sleep, tomorrow you’ll tell me all about it. Good night! She said as she shut the door behind her.

I love you Mum, Hulu whispered. She was glad that it was a dream but one thing stood out to her, she could feel that evil prick on her palms that made her bleed from fake aunt Ann long nails, it was just as painful as it was in the dream…


  1. Wow, this is a powerful read.
    Thanks Nma
    The name of Jesus is powerful and sharper than any two edged sword.
    My heart was racing for Hulu but thank God she prevailed.

  2. I know right from time you will make us proud. I’m so happy for the talent you have. Keep it up babe.

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